Use of Force Summit

2013 Use of Force Summit – December 3-5, 2013

The focus of the Use of Force Summit is identifying proper legal and operational standards for use of force incidents, including the development of proper police practices associated with the use of force and force related policies.  The Summit will focus on enhancing the effectiveness, operations, and management of use of force incidents.  Training will review the policy standards, legal interpretations, and Consent Decree standards that comprise liability protection.  This includes force investigation standards, development of training curriculum, and the documentation of use of force incidents.   We will also discuss the manner in which police agencies can investigate use of force incidents and audit investigations to ensure that officers are following policies and training.

Tuesday – December 3, 2013

8:00 AM: Registration at Conference Center

8:30 AM: Attorney Eric Daigle – Welcome and program introduction

Legal standards – Use of Force

  • Federal and State civil rights claims

  • Use of Force Policies and Investigation Standards

  • Current case law interpretation

10:45 AM: Break

11:00 AM: Chief Charles Reynolds (Ret.)

                          DOJ oversite on Use of Force Standards

12:00 PM: Lunch – Complimentary for all attendants

1:00 PM: Kris Pitcher, Captain, LAPD Force Investigation Division

Developing Force Investigation Units, Policy and Operations

  • Conducting force investigations

  • Developing force investigation units and policies

  • OIS Scene Investigation

2:15 PM: Break

2:30 PM: Developing Force Investigation Units, Policy and Operations- Continued

3:30 PM: Attorney Eric Daigle

Investigating and Documenting Use of Force for Liability Protection

5:00 PM: Conclude for the Day

Wednesday- December 4th

8:30 AM: James Marker, Manager Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy

Training 4th Amendment Use of Force

 9:45 AM: Break

10:00 AM: Training 4th Amendment Use of Force – Continued

11:00 AM: Lt. Michael Paulus

Excited Delirium- Policy, Response and Training

                          Development of Excited Delirium policies

                          Identifying and responding to Excited Delirium incidents

                          Investigation of sudden in-custody deaths

12:00 PM: Lunch – Complimentary for all attendants

 1:00 PM: Excited Delirium – Policy, Response and Training – Continued

 2:15 PM: Break

 2:30 PM: Attorney Eric Daigle

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Electronic Control Weapons

 5:00 PM: Conclude for the day

Thursday – December 5th

 8:30 AM: John Azar-Dickens, Ph.D.   Force Science® Instructor

Biomechanical aspects of use of force encounters

 9:45 AM: Break

10:00 AM: Biomechanical aspects of use of force encounters – Continued

12:00 PM: Lunch – Complimentary for all attendants

 1:00 PM: Attorney Eric Daigle

OIS Investigations- New Methodologies, New Mandates and New Rules

 2:15 PM: Break

 2:30 PM: OIS Investigations- Different Perspectives in Changing Times

 4:30 PM: Conclude for the day


Eric P. Daigle, J.D.  Attorney Daigle specializes in Civil Rights litigation and Law Enforcement Operations Consultant.  Attorney Daigle also conducts training on use of force standards, including electronic control weapons and responses to force/deadly force incidents.  Attorney Daigle acts in his capacity as a Law Enforcement Consultant providing guidance and oversight to department command staff on operations, force response, and risk management.  Attorney Daigle serves as a member of independent monitoring teams and acts as an auditor in reviewing police department organizational compliance with procedural revisions directed or overseen by the Federal court system.

Chief Charles Reynolds (Ret). Mr. Reynolds’ policing career spans over 35 years during which he has served as Chief of Police for over 26 years and as Assistant to the Director of Public Safety for the Navajo Nation.  He also serves as a police practices expert for the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. He acts and has acted as a Deputy Monitor for multiple police departments who are under a consent decree.

Capt. Kris E. Pitcher Commander with LAPD, with years of experience in the LAPD’s Force Investigation Division, which was created in 2001 to comply with a consent decree with the Justice Department.   Capt. Pitcher has a host of knowledge on the investigation of officer involved shootings and best practices in the industry.

John Azar-Dickens, Ph.D. Force Science® Instructor and Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in Forensic Psychology and a Certified Force Science® Analyst based in Rome, Georgia.  In addition to instructing nationally for the Force Science® Institute, Dr. Azar-Dickens provides professional debriefing support and psychological assistance to officers involved in force incidents. A widely published author and active expert witness, Dr. Azar-Dickens also serves as a sworn patrol officer with the Rome, Georgia Police Department.

James Marker, currently serves as the Special Program Division Manager at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (WLEA) in Douglas, Wyoming. As a certified peace officer, Jim has 22 years of law enforcement experience with 17 years as a full-time trainer.  The majority of his seventeen years as a trainer include being the lead instructor for the WLEA defense tactics program where he was the developer of the WLEA defense tactics system for the State of Wyoming. In 2000, Jim co-developed the current WLEA use-of-force training program, and is currently its lead instructor. The program includes transitioning the state away from a continuum-based program to a 4th amendment-based program.

Lt. Michael Paulus, currently in his 27th year with the Champaign (IL) Police Department and is the current Southwest District Commander in the Patrol Division.  Lt. Paulus will present on his experiences in policy, protocol and operations for responses to Excited Delirium incidents.  He was instrumental in designing a county-wide response by law enforcement and EMS which includes field sedation by authorized paramedics.  This protocol has been highlighted in the Force Science Newsletter as well as the IACP Police Chief magazine.

(Because of trial schedule changes or other unplanned events, we may have to engage substitute speakers with similar knowledge and experience.)

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